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From a simple coffee talk that inspired a desire to bring beauty products overseas closer to local Singaporeans, Richtrees was born. As founders of another beauty company, M &G Aesthetics Beauty Care, we are passionate about natural beauty through organic products.

In a short span of 8 years, we have sourced and explored the finest organic bath and body brands across the world, exclusively bringing to you 8 internationally acclaimed organic beauty brands from Greece, Europe, United Kingdom, USA to South Africa.

Today, we are proud to announce that we are successfully appointed the sole distributorship of Singapore, Malaysia and many parts of South East Asia by these sophisticated brands.

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Combining rare natural and organic ingredients with cutting edge, restorative ingredients, discover greater beauty for your skin with organic skin care.

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Home Fragrance

Spice up your home or workplace and heighten the occasion with a range of fragrant candles, reed diffusers, mist and potpurri to select from. and make your

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From our unbeatable fashy thermoplastic hot water bottle to a range of essential oils, our lifestyle products seek to improve your wellbeing and make you feel good.

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To provide the best for children, quality and safety is the key to Fashy Little Stars – baby wear and accessories. Be in fashion and feel comfortable and at ease with Fashy baby care line.

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Guaranteed to attract, accentuates your good points with Fashy Swimwear made with exclusive fabrics and cuts. Be it an easygoing, elegant or sexy look, Fashy has the right look for everyone.

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Looking for unique and exclusively available brands to distribute or retail in your country, especially in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand? Speak to us!

We believe in a greener world. As the sole distributor for these sophisticated brands in South East Asia, we want to work very closely with both local and overseas distributors in bringing these exclusive, natural and organic brands to their countries.

Do you run a retail shop that share the same values as us in natural beauty and the usage of organic products for a healthier living, and a greener environment? We want you! We help our retailers champion and deliver our wonderful products to end consumers.

Browse the many exclusive products we distribute. Our friendly staff are always a call away to serve our retailers.

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Looking to penetrate the South East Asia Market, especially Singapore and Malaysia?

Established since 2007, we have been a reliable distributor brands can trust. Placing a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, with a strong passion towards green and community initiatives, Richtrees love to work with brands that share the values and vision as us. We regularly source for new organic beauty trends in the international market, and strive to champion them to local retailers and consumers.

Drop us a email, and let us know how can we collaborate with your brand further.

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Some of the Brands We Carry. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for them in Singapore and Malaysia.